Kristen Shiozaki

A product designer studying Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

UX designer at Manulife and incoming UI/UX designer at TD Labs.

Searching for Winter 2021 internship opportunities.

"Design with, and not just for users"


A Little Bit About Me

More Art!

I completed my RCM Grade 10 Violin exam and have performed at hospitals, retirement homes and school recitals. I also love to do Origami and Kirigami when I need a break!

Giving Back

I was the head of the Unionville Youth Council and volunteered at the local food & clothing bank, Masters Pantry. I still visit and help whenever I can, even after graduating!

Staying Active

I played a large variety of sports on school teams but ice hockey and x-country running were my favourites. I was even an ice hockey instructor at the UMHA for 4 years!